Thoughts About Boys… and my first blog post!

My first blog post… I have so much to share that I literally am speechless for probably the first time in my life. 

I’ve been thinking about writing this 1st post for the last couple days now. I wanted something that would capture my audience. Something worth saying. Something that people would read and be able to chew on it for days. Turns out, I came up with nada. Zip. Zilch. Not a single thought came to my mind. Other than we are low on popcorn and junior mints, my vice. 

However, this morning I posted a sweet picture on Instagram of my son, Rhett, gazing at me and I wanted to put a quote about little boys to go with it. So, like most people I came up with one on my own looked to Pinterest and searched, “Quotes about boys.” Silly me, I thought my results would include sayings of hopes, dreams, mud on boots, hard work, commitment, and love. No, no, no. Instead, the first twenty or so results were mostly about how boys hurt girls. Manipulative, hurtful, and breaking hearts. So, I then searched the same thing again except replaced boys for girls and my results were MUCH different. They were about inner beauty, loving oneself, confidence, and dreams. 

As a mother of both genders I found myself feeling just absolutely hurt. How has it come to this? That in order to boost one gender we have to put down another? I want all three of my kids to learn self confidence, inner beauty, how to love and be kind to one another. It would be an injustice to only teach this to my little girl. My boys also need to know the importance of self-worth and believing in oneself. I want my kids to grow up to their full potential with a heart that beats for others and a mind full of wisdom. I want them to reach for the stars and know that I’ll always be there for them. I want my daughter to learn independence but also know how to receive help. I want my boys to learn how to treat a woman like a gentleman but also to know when they are being walked on. I want so much for my kids that I’m probably asking for too much but mostly, I just want them to have the same opportunities without preconceived notions because of their gender. 

*Note – I have NOTHING against Pinterest. I’ll be getting my recipe for supper from there. This topic is just something that is heavy on my heart. All opinions are mine. 


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