A Perfect 4th of July

Freeze Out – Clarkia, ID

Every year we go camping with my husband’s side of the family down in Clarkia, ID. This beautiful property is our oasis away from all the crazy and stress of our everyday lives. No phones and no television. We can connect to one another on a personal level without feeling like we have something else to do… Laundry, dishes, catch up on email… Anything and everything except just relax and truly connect with other humans. This is our happy. 

This year, we invited our best friends to go with us! They have four kids ranging in age from 1 to 7. It was nice for each of our kids to have playmates and to also spend time more quality time with our good friends. Needless to say, I think they’ll be our friends for life because they’ve seen our zen and fell in love with it too.

Midway up to Freeze Out – Hailey (6)

Hailey likes is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior and is constantly scouting out obstacles to climb, run, or jump on in preparation for her turn on the course. Midway up the climb to Freeze Out, we stopped at the perfect spot for a photo, and Hailey thought it was also the perfect rocks to climb on. I didn’t think they were perfect but that’s my sense talking. It was actually quite dangerous as there was a significant drop off the end. Anyway, we made it to the top and Hailey had a blast running and climbing up the hillside. The view was spectacular and it was enjoyed by everyone. 

Rhett (3)

Rhett is a little more timid than his older sister. He seems to be able to scout out a dangerous situation and warn the others ahead of time. (He’s just like his father.) I was surprised and pleased when he sat on the rocks for me but I know he was a little hesitant in doing so. He took a seat and didn’t budge until his Daddy picked him up. Smart boy. He too enjoyed Freeze Out and all it had to offer. He even got brave and climbed the hillside with his sister and friends. I think what he loved the most was that on one side was a field of flowers and on the other, there was SNOW! Sam went down and collected snow balls for all the kids and they had a little snow ball fight. In July. When it was 95 degrees. How cool is that?! Just another one of those perks of this area that we love so much.

Grady (1)

Grady would hardly sit still for me to get a picture and there was NO WAY I was going to let him sit on those rocks for a photo op. He’s a go getter and hasn’t quite figured out yet that he’s not invincible. I’m hoping that gets better with age but we’ll see. Grady truly enjoyed all the dirt, snow, and flowers all around him. First thing he did was put his butt in the dirt and covered himself head to toe in it. No shame either. Laughing, smiling, and squealing with delight as the dirt swarmed him and covered every inch of his chubby little self. His eyes twinkled with wonder and amazement, almost as if it was his first time experiencing such joy. 

We love this simple life. We don’t have the best of anything but we do surround ourselves with kind, smart, and truly wonderful people. And that makes all the difference. I challenge you, turn off your phone and curl up with a book or run in the sprinkler with your kids. Go a couple days not being connected to electronics to truly recharge your soul. It made a difference in my life, it can in yours too. 


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