Not My Grandma’s Cookies

Sundays are our family days so today I decided to make cookies with Hay and Rhett. Cookies have a way of bringing back memories, usually fond ones. For me, it’s memories of my Great Grandma Edith. She always had two things: WRIGLEYS Spearmint gum and a cookie jar full of snicker doodles. 

She made the best snicker doodles. They were perfect in every way. The perfect size, consistency, and irresistible taste. When I was young I thought my great gram was the only one that baked snicker doodle cookies. Turns out that simply wasn’t so… But she did make the best.

I have never been great at making cookies. Anyone in my freshman home economics class can confirm this. Today was no exception. Before I set out to make them I searched for an easy no fail chocolate chip cookie recipe. Once found, I read the directions, read them again, then once more just to be certain that we had it right. Combine the dry ingredients, mix the wet in a separate bowl, add the eggs, then gradually combine the dry with the wet. Easy. Hay and I then scooped out little balls of dough onto sheets and carefully placed them in the oven. Then we waited. 

After nine minutes of pure anticipation, I pulled them out and let’s just say… my dreams of the perfect cookie fell… flat. They looked like cow pies. How appetizing. Right? They were anything but perfect. I went over the recipe three times! I meticulously measured each ingredient! How could this happen? 

Hailey saw the obvious look of disappointment on my face and did what she always does. My 6 year old taught me a lesson. My sweet girl dunked her cookie in ice cold milk and took a bite. She looked at me and said, “they taste pretty good so it doesn’t matter what they look like. You made them with us. You made them with a lot of love and that’s what matters, mom.” 

I’ve had a lot of snicker doodles in my life. A lot of grams but also other versions. Honestly, great grams are still the best. Maybe not so much because of the taste but because of all the love that went into each and every batch. Can I make cookies like gram? Not a chance… but I can match the love that went into them. 


Mama Tried

How many of you Mamas had well intentions of writing letters to your children as they grow? How many planned to write to them with each milestone, birthday, or maybe even on a monthly basis? Now, how many of you have stuck with it?

When I became a mother I had every intention to write to my children several times a year, and I did! With the first child… The other two, not so much. I kept a journal for Hailey and wrote in it sometimes daily. It’s full of sweet anecdotes about her first sounds, sniffles, and cries. You’ll read about her first words, first steps, and her very first tooth. When reading it, it’s almost as if you’re right there in the story… That all ended when we had Rhett. Then everything changed. Not only did I have two children to care for but we moved and keeping track of journals and then journaling itself just seemed impossible. Just as I was getting settled into having two children, we had Grady. All hell broke loose after that. 

So, instead of trying to keep track of more stuff, I setup email addresses for my kids. Sure, they aren’t going to have a memento of my handwriting and it is a bit less personal but what a great tool! Doesn’t take up any space and it is so easy to type up a quick message. In this day and age, this just makes sense. I created an address specific to each of them and have saved their passwords to give them when they graduate high school. It’s not only letters that I send them but pictures as well! This is really a great option for anyone that wants to remember those precious moments. Little sayings that they come up with or short stories about their day. Sometimes I write to Hailey  after we have an argument. Not necessarily to document the disagreement but to remind myself that this too shall pass. Rhett’s vocabulary is ever expanding so I like to quickly type up a list of his new words or phrases. Grady, too, is learning so much and his little world is becoming so much bigger. It’s fun to jot down these memories so we can look back on them years down the road.

What are some things you do that could make documenting the little things easier?